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Destruction Derby

Glenn County Fair Destruction Derby 2024

As we navigate the unique challenges of this year, we are keenly aware that the 2024 Glenn County Fair Derby will present a new experience for all of us. Our priority remains the health and safety of our patrons, participants, and community.

In our commitment to preserve the spirit and tradition of the Derby, while adapting to current circumstances, we are pleased to announce that Moondog Productions will be taking the lead in producing this year’s event. With his expertise and approach will ensure that we can enjoy the Derby’s thrilling moments in a manner that has been done in the past.

Below, you will find the rules and applicaiton for this year's Derby. We've worked diligently to maintain as much of the traditional event structure as possible, and we're excited about the opportunity to offer a Derby to the community.

Let’s embrace the changes and make the 2024 Glenn County Fair Derby a memorable and enjoyable experience for everyone. Here’s to a safe, fun, and exciting Derby!

We encourage everyone to review the new rules carefully and submit your applications. Let’s make this year's Derby not just an event, but a testament to our community spirit.

Derby Rules and Application

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