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Volunteers are always welcome at the Glenn County Fair! Listed below are what we would like of you and what you can expect from us. To apply to volunteer during the Fair, please print out the volunteer application below (Volunteer pdf), fill it out and bring it to the office. Thank you!


1. Be on time for scheduled duties.

2. Accept the guidance and decisions of the coordinators.

3. Carry out duties in a prompt and reliable manner.

4. Notify the Fair of inability to perform assigned duties as early as possible.

5. Maintain smooth working relations and stay within the bounds of volunteerism.

6. Maintain dignity and integrity of the Glenn County Fair with the public.

7. Honor confidential information.

8. Not talk to the press as that is the duty of the CEO.

9. Act as a goodwill ambassador to the Fair.

10. Not participate in any fraudulent or unethical behavior.


1. Try to make your volunteer experience an enjoyable one.

2. Provide space, equipment, working conditions and privileges to facilitate the performance of assigned duties.


1. Volunteers working one shift will receive admission for two (2) and one (1) parking pass for the day worked. If working more than one day, the volunteer will receive admission for two (2) and one (1) parking pass for every day worked plus one additional day. ALL SHIFTS FOR EVERY AREA ARE AT LEAST 4 HOURS.

2. It is extremely important that if you are unable to meet your volunteer commitment that you call as far in advance as possible so that we may fill that position.

3. Water will be provided for volunteers. If volunteer works 6 hours or more in one shift, a meal will be provided.


I agree to waive any liability on the part of the Glenn County Fair by reason of any injury or damage sustained or incurred by me and I hold the Glenn County Fair free and harmless therefore. I further agree that my private insurance will be the only insurance coverage available to me.


Days: May 19th– May 22nd . Times vary daily; see schedule of events.

Location: Carnival, Papst, Yolo & Livestock entrances.

Duties: There are several duties involved. Ticket Takers will take tickets from fair patrons placing the stub in a ticket box and returning the other portion to the patron. Stampers will stamp the hands of outgoing patrons to allow same day re-entry. Schedule of Event Distributors will hand out Schedule of Event Brochures to Fair patrons upon entry to the grounds. They must be familiar with the contents of the brochure in order to answer any questions guests may have. It is the duty of all volunteers to greet guests with a smile, to be friendly, and act as an ambassador for the Fair. Persons performing these duties are the first people our guests have contact with and friendliness is considered your most important job.


Days: May 19th - May 22nd from 11:30am-10:00 PM


Duties: Answering questions about the Fair and giving directions to activity areas on the grounds. A binder with all the ifnroamtion will be at every booth. Must be able to use radio, be familiar with the Fairgrounds and know where things are located.


Days: May 19th - May 22nd from Noon till 10:00 PM

Locations; Inside Exhibit Halls

Duties: Checking in exhibitors’ entries. Involves tagging the entry with pre-made tag and issuing a claim check to the exhibitor. Also involves placement of items in appropriate judging areas and arranging for display. Helping show officials. Involves answering guests questions, running errands, etc. Release of exhibits. Involves receiving claim check for entry from exhibitor, location of their item and returning it to them. You provide security to ensure the integrity and safety of exhibits.

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