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Thank You 2017 Buyers

2017 Junior Livestock Auction Buyers

The Glenn County Fair and Junior Livestock Auction Participants would like to thank all of the 2017 Junior Livestock Auction Buyers.

4m26 Inc.

A & R Farms

ADM Rice

Absolute Heating& Air


Aldo Alberico & Son, Inc.

Alsco Geyer Ace Hardware

Alves Farms

Zane Amaro

American Almond Orchards

Anderson Orchards

Anderson Partnership

Arendt, Bob

Artois Feed

Avrit Insurance Agency

Brent Bailey

Randy & Dari Bailey

Baker Trucking

Pat Baker

Baldwin Minkler Farm/Lassen Land Company

Baugher Ranch Organics

Elvin & Valerie Bentz

Phyllis Berglof

Berglund Natural Foods

Geoff & Erin Bitle

Black Rock Cattle

Blackwood Ranch

Blosser Ranch

Boles Trucking

Steve & Shelly Brown

Dennis and Rita Bruce

Bucke's Feed & Grain

Burreson Farms

C A Harvesting

C&N Custom Shaking

C. F. Koehnen & Sons

C. Lowe Trucking

CAN-AM Apiaries, Inc.

Cabral, Pedro T.

California Ag Commodities

California Olive Ranch

Carl's Feed & Supply

Carlson Cattle Co.

Carriere Family Farms

Carrow Construction Co.

Charles Gee Realty

Chavez Club Lambs

Chico Locker & Sausage

Cirigliano Farms

Clark, Gene & Doris

Mike Clark

Clinton Lowe Livestock

Clover Buyers Group

Coach Works

Colusa County Farm Supply

Colusa Glenn Production Credit

Compost Solutions, Inc.

James Corneliuson

Corning Chevy

Corning Dodge

Corning Ford

Couto Dairy

Crain Walnut Shelling

Steve & Tammy Cushman

Dan Kennedy / Frank Couto

Dixon Seed

Dove's Nest Organics

Dr. Iverson

Duche Nut Co.

El Patio Restaurant

Mark Elworthy

Erickson, John & Toni

Ernandes Orchards

Estes Trucking

Sheryl Faris

Flanagan Family Suffolks

Karen Fleming

Ramona Flynn

Frank Hanson Son Inc

Freitas Farms

Funnel Cake Express

GCI Insurance

GSA Farm Inc

Gallo and Gallo Orchard, LLC

Jeromy & Kelly Geiger

Ken Gilmore

Ed Ginochio

Glenn County Buyers' Group

Glenn County Farm Supply

Glenn Medical Center

Eddye Goines

Golden State Farm Credit

Esteban Gonzalez

Gray, Gary

Green Acres

Jeff Green

Mardi Halsey

Dick & Renee Hanks

Hart Farms

Hay Wagon

Heitkam's Honey Bees

Ann & Gus Henning

Heritage Insurance Agency

Bob, Judy & Roy Holzapfel

Herb Holzapfel

Roy Holzapfel

Bruce Hubbell

Hunt & Sons

Hutson Insurance

Jim & Nancy Hutson

Interwest Ins

Ron Irvin

J & L Bees Pollination

J C Farm Services, Inc.

JP Montz & Sons

Jack L. Spence Trucking, Inc.

Jasper Ranch

Joe Perez Farms

Bob Johnson

Chris Johnson

Jim Jones

Jongsma Dairy

Juan Briones FLC

K & K Kampschmidt, Inc

K & S Spreading

KV Structures

Leonard & Marsha Kaiser

Mike & Betsy Karle

Will & Margaret Keeney

Kirbys 4KKorrals

Knight Farms

Kraemer & Co. Manufacturing., Inc.

Greg Kriss

L & L Trucking

Marilyn Ladd

Law Offices of Stephana Femino

James and Amanda Lefor

Frank Leonardo

Les Schwab Tire, Orland

Janice Lohse

Susan Lohse

Josesph Longo

Lowe Cattle Co.

Luke Alexander Construction

MF Farms

MTSJ Poldervaart Dairy

Martin Brothers

Dale & Carol Martin

Leo Martin

Martins Family Dairy

McCorkle Trucking

McGeoghegan Farming

Mercados Meat Distribution, Inc.

Messina Meats

Mid-Valley Vetrinary Hospital

Tom Millar

Miller Glass

Miller Ranch

Molo Farms

John and Patty Montz

Morrell Ranches

Mull Family

Musco Family Olive & Burreson Orchards

NC Ric Property Management

Nile Pearce and Orland Ace Hardware

Dane & Trisha Nissen

Nor-Cal Environmental Soulutions

Nor-Cal Septic

North State Solar Energy

North Valley Ag Services

Northern Mechanical & Equipment

Northgate Petroleum

Ray Olivarez

Orland Livestock Comm. Yard

Orland Meat Processors

PM Dusters & Willows Flying Service

Paiva Farms

Alex Pariso

Penney and Associates

Richard Perex

Perez & Perez Family Farms

Kathy Perez

Sandra and Frank Perez

Ernest Peters

Pinheiro & Deniz

Rick & Norma Plocher

Precision Hedging

Rau Livestock

Reager Ranch

Redding Freightliner & National Lease

Redding Roofing Supply

Reg Michaud Aviation

Rice Researchers

Brian & Corey Richards

Rick Perez Farms

Riverwest Processing

Dominik Ruiz

S & L Farms

Safety Tire

Safeway - Corning

Alice Sawyer

Schager Nutrition Consulting

Schill Development

Silva's Water Works Inc.

Rosa Silveira

Simplot Fertilizer Co.

Byron Sites

Skala Ranch

Smith & DioGrazia Farms

Mick and Ashley Smith

Snyder & Sons Plumbing

Susie Sorenson

Stonyford Buyers Group

Strickler Livestock

Sullivan Drilling

Sunfield Seeds

George Swaner

Taylor Motors Collision Center

Taylor Motors Inc

Frank & Erin Taylor

The Last Stand Bar & Grill

Keith Thornton

Billy and Monica Throm

Timios Title

Titus Properties

Darin & Leila Titus

Traynham Ranches

Tri-Counties Bank, Chico

Tri-Counties Bank, Orland

Tri-Counties Bank, Willows

Paul Violich

Rob & Lisa Vlach

Harold & Kathleen Von Bargen

WKL Farms Inc.

Cindy Ward

Richard Warren

Patrick & Kimberly Wasson

Western Crop Insurance

Linda Whitten

Wilbur Ellis

Van Tol Dairy #2

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