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2017 Judges

Breeding, Meat & Dairy Goats & Showmanship Gino Farinelli

Swine Seth Swenson, Newark IL

Rabbits Desi Dworzecki

Desi Dworzecki: From Standish, CA

Has been raising rabbits for competition for 23 years. Raises Holland lops, and has I've raised Californians, American Fuzzy lops, jersey woolies and Netherland dwarfs. Licensed American Rabbit Breeders Association register. Works at Thompson Peak Veterinary clinic as a vet tech/office manager for the last 14 years. Holds a BS in animal science with a concentration in nutrition. Also raises hunting dogs and pheasants.

Dairy Cattle JR and SR, Dairy Cattle Showmanship, JR Dairy Replacement Heifers Blake Renner

Blake Renner, Galt, CA
I am currently an Agricultural Instructor at Liberty Ranch High School in Galt and enjoy coaching their livestock judging team. I attended Chico State University where I was on a very successful livestock judging team, and graduated with a degree in Agricultural Science. In my spare time, I help my family in our club lamb and club calf operation and plan to establish a small herd of my own.

Poultry Insp.Lee AnnStearns

Poultry Judge Lee AnnStearns

The Horse Show Mike Grider

Breeding Beef, Market Beef, & Beef Showmanship Steve Lambert

Steve Lambert: From Sonora, CA

Attended Chico State, raised in the Hereford Business and still operates Herefords and family walnuts. Past president of American Hereford Association in Kansas City, MO. Chair of state Farm Bureau beef committee. Treasurer of the Butte County Cattlemen’s Association. Family oriented with four grown children.

Breeding Sheep, Market Sheep & Sheep Showmanship Gino Farinelli

Floriculture (wed judging) Erlyne Owens

Textiles Clothing, Dolls, JR and Open Charlotte O'Neil

Open & Jr. Photography Tom Patton

Tom Patton has been actively engaged with photography since 1970. He received a BFA from San Francisco Art Institute (1976), and MA (1977) and MFA (1982) degrees from University of New Mexico. He has held full-time teaching appointments since 1982. Patton came to Chico State in 2002, where he heads the Photography program. With some 300 exhibitions and more than 60 publications, Patton's art has been widely seen. In addition to shows in the USA, he has also exhibited in Australia, Japan, and Europe. Tom has received fellowships from the James D. Phelan Foundation and the National Endowment for the Arts, as well as numerous University grants.

Floriculture (sat judging) Michelle Waybright

Floriculture (thur judging) Juanita Brockman

Open/Jr & Adult Baked Goods/Confections Emily Zimmerman

Handicrafts Patty Moriarty

Vo-Ed Metal Works Chris Armitage

I am currently an instructor in the Butte College Welding Department.My Background includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Construction Management from Chico State University. Prior to becoming an instructor I was the General Manager for the Structural Steel Division of Tink Inc.In my free time I enjoy riding Dirt Bikes, Four Wheeling, and spending time with my Family.

Vo-Ed Woodworking Kevin McGrath

About Kevin:

From an early age, I have been intrigued with and engaged in woodcraft. Turning wood on a lathe was the beginning of a lifelong passion and artistic outlet that has transformed so many pieces of wood into unique creations. I was fortunate enough to win numerous regional and state awards for exceptional woodworking throughout my youth; and in 1991 at the age of sixteen, I was the recipient of the prestigious Golden Bear Award (Best of Show) for the state of California.

For over twenty-five years, I have been involved in creating, crafting, and reflecting upon various projects. From the smallest of curios, to the grandest of game rooms, attention to detail is at the forefront. This, along with a passion for woodworking itself, has given McGrath Woodworks a unique style with traditional old world craftsmanship.

Pygmy Goats Tammy Josephson

Tammi Josephsen: From Cottonwood CA

Has been raising pygmy goats for 24 years and currently has a herd of about 25 goats. She shows goats at many shows throughout the year. She has held her judging license with National Pygmy Goat Association for about 9 years. Judges 10-12 shows across the United States each year. She has been the countywide pygmy goat leader for Tehama County for 21 years.

Open & Jr. Fine Arts Patty Moriarty

Quilts Chere Yamaski

Preserved Foods Mary Grove

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