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Livestock Information (Click Here)

Livestock Exhibitor Guidebook 2018 Edition

Horse Show Pattern


All Species Tagging Information and Steer Pre-Weigh & Tag

2018 Glenn County Fair Livestock Exhibitor Tags

Tags will be available for pick up at the January 18, 2018 6:00 PM meeting located at the Glenn County Fairgrounds. After the meeting tags will be made available at the fair office. Rabbit and Poultry ownership sheets and poultry leg bands will be made available closer to fair, please check back for update.

Mandatory—please log scrapie tag information for sheep and goats. Use the complete number! There are two parts, example CA10009-1349.

Forms will be returned if all columns are not completed.
Sign each page of weigh sheet before returning.
If you have weighed and tagged your own child’s animal, do so in the presence of an unrelated adult and have them sign and date the form as well.

Family Backup Animals - Please list the animal under the family’s last name and put the children’s first names in parentheses.
Example: Gonzales Family (James, Rita, Jorge) If this animal crosses the scale at fair, the family will designate which child is exhibiting the animal at that time and the animal will proceed through show and sale under that exhibitor only.

*Leaders must tag livestock.
Do not send tags home with students/parents.


Beef Weigh-In Information

Beef Weigh-In
When: January 15, 2018 8:30 AM- 9:30 AM
Where: Orland Livestock Auction Yard
All beef will be tagged during the weigh-in.

Please see below for replacement heifer information.

Beef Replacement Heifer Form

Independent Exhibitor Record Book

Buyers Brochure

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